PLEASE READ THIS PRIOR TO APPLYING TO ADOPT:What do I need to do to adopt a Bulldog? First do your research! English Bulldogs are high maintenance and can be expensive to care for. After you have researched the breed and decided a bulldog is for you click here Get Application for an application. Once that is received you will be called by a volunteer and interviewed at which time we will set up a home visit. The home visit is just to ensure the environment is safe for a dog. Be sure to have locks on fence gates, be prepared to purchase a crate etc. Once the home visit is complete and you are an approved adopter we will try to match a bulldog to you. It is important to note, our dogs are rescues and most come with issues, many require medications for life and it is rare we get young dogs or puppies. Most are adults or Seniors. This process is not quick, our group operates with only volunteers so please be patient. This process could take up to and over a month. In addition, we have adoption fees for each of our dogs. These fees help pay for the vetting of ALL the dogs in the rescue and they are not negotiable! Some of the dogs we get are medical nightmares while others may require little to no medical care. Adoptions fees do not cover all of the expenses so we also have to raise funds and we accept donations as well.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Welcome Carly - ADOPTED

Carly is a 3 year old that came from a puppy mill. She is spunky, loving, easy going Bully.  She gets along with other dogs wonderfully and loves kids.  She has lots of kisses to share.  Carly loves to play and jump, and get belly rubs.  She is the perfect fit for any family. Carly does have some issues with peeing in her crate, but that is typical of dogs kept in puppy mills and I find that positive reinforcement and patience are the best ways to deal with it. She is spayed, micro-chipped, current on all shots.  Only Texas applicants please.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Meet Mo - Available for Adoption

Mo is an active, playful 8 year old. He loves to play with his ball. He should have been named Magellan because he likes to explore constantly. He gets along with kids and other dogs. He needs to learn some manners, but we are working on it. He has some tummy issues that need to be watched but is doing well with the right diet. He is looking for a home where he can continue to be a spoiled rotten bully.  Mo is UTD on all shots and neutered, his adoption fee is $500.  Only Texas applicants please.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Meet Preston - Adopted

Preston came to SABR a few weeks ago, he was just a mess.  Despite being taken to the vet on a regular basis by his owners the vet never addressed his issues.  He has cherry eye, entropion, a severe staff infection, needs to be neutered and have a tail amputation.  Poor guy was just a mess.  Fortunately, he came to us and we took him to our wonderful vet who has been fixing this guy right up.  His skin condition is cured and he will have his surgery to repair the rest in March. His foster mom has this to say about him "Preston is super laid back. He is happy to do anything as long as he gets to do it with his humans. He walks well on a leash, rides perfect in the car, is great in public, loves other dogs, and seems to be ok with cats. Preston is very easy to please, he loves food and stuffed animals. Get him a stuffed animal for every holiday, he will love you forever. He protests baths and medical stuff but sits totally still once you catch him. He will try to hide once he knows it's bath, ear wash, eye drops, or tail cleaning time but he gives in once he knows he's caught. He is very low slobber (for a bulldog), however he has gas in the evening like a natural gas factory". Preston is about 5 years old, his adoption fee is $600. Only Texas applicants please.

Meet Peyton - Adopted

Peyton came to use on Super Bowl Suday, he is a spunky 1 year old and he is housebroken, neutered, crate trained and UTD on all shots.  Peyton is heartworm positive and is currently going through treatment.  He is very sweet, gets along well with other dogs and loves attention.  His favorite thing to do is cuddle with his foster parents; he still needs help learning to play with toys.  Peyton’s adoption fee is $600. Only Texas applicants please.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meet Pinball - Available for Adoption

Pinball came to us a couple of weeks ago, he is about 9 years old, he is blind, deaf and had testicular cancer. We had him neutered and are confident we removed all the cancer. Now he will just need a home to live out his final years. According to his foster mom, he is a sweet, sweet boy. He gets along with other dogs as well. His adoption fee is $200.  Only Texas applicants please.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet Bella - Adopted

Bella is a beautiful beefy girl that came to us as an owner surrender.  She had been passed around to a couple of families and bred a couple of times at least. We had her spayed, got her all of her shots and chipped her.  She also had a very bad case of entropion in both eyes that SABR has surgically corrected. She is a sweet girl and does not get along with other dogs.  Bella is 3 years old and loves to wiggle when she walks, suckle on stuffed animals and sit next to you on the couch.  Her adoption fee is $600.  Only Texas applicants please.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Welcome Miss Millie - Adopted

This sweet girl came to SABR as an owner surrender.  Her family had to move out of their current home due to extreme circumstances and into a much smaller apartment.  She is believed to have been a stray prior to that, therefore we estimate her age to be 4-6 yrs old. She is a well mannered lady who sits on command, knows what “stay” means, is house broken,  walks well on a leash, loves the bigger kids & men she has been around, and has no issues with being in a crate. Millie has shown no aggression to her smaller male foster brother and should get along with other dogs that have manners. Cats as of right now are an unknown territory.  If Millie has any faults it’s that she is a messy water drinker….but aren’t all bullies? She loves to snuggle, give kisses, and snore by your side. Are you ready to give this grand lady her forever home? Millie is spayed, current on shots and HW negative and her adoption fee is $500.  Only Texas applicants please.